A selection of my references

“I am delighted to be able to give my own recommendation of the epic photographic talent possessed by Mr Henrik Hildebrandt! Henrik has [photographed me a few times when visiting Denmark for science fiction conventions at which I have been signing. His unobtrusive keen-eyed observational skills, honed photographing the great and the good of music, acting and blue blood give him an edge on most others and his work always offers an insight into the subjects he captures. Do take my word for it – he is awesome!” – Alan Flyng —  STAR WARS, Actor, singer, film, tv, theater designer and all-round good egg!

“I have known Henrik over 30 years through his photography. His work is truly amazing and he is able to capture the true spirit of all of his subjects.” – Linda Koller – Canada

Amazing photographer who can capture the soul of musicians! Surely one of the best we have here in Europe!– Alessandro Del Vecchio – Italian vocalist, keyboardist, producer and studio engineer.

Henrik has an eye for metal no doubt about it! His amazing shots of Madam X at Sweden Rock are priceless.– Roxy Petrucci – Madam X & VIXEN – USA

One of the top best photographers in the world! Henrik captures it all in his pic’s!! Definitely has an incredible artistic eye. Love his work!!!– Maxine Petucci _ Madam X – USA

Great eye Henrik knows exactly when to capture ” The Moment” excellent photos!!!– Bret Elizabeth Kaiser —- Singer – Madam X – USA

When I heard the man himself Henrik Hildebrandt requested a Photo pass to shoot Madam X at Sweden Rocks, I almost fell over. Henrik has a special talent and eye for greatness. He seems to never miss the shot. From Presidential to Rock Icons , His list of credits is most impressive.– Chris Doliber – Bass – Madam X

Henrik really knows how to capture the moment with his lens. One Of Europe’s best photographers!! – Johnny Lima – Singer – USA

Top job, very professional and prompt. I would recomend– Bruce Dickinson – Singer – Iron Maiden

Best shots we get when in europe. ALWAYS many to choose from. You may as well go ahead and hire him, as you will probably end up calling him anyway.” – Bobby Barth – Axe & Blackfoot

“A very talented photographer, who has the gift to capture the right moments and events. Highly recommended!” – Annika Lewin – Singer – Sweden

Very versatile and competent photographer with many years of experience. Highly recommended!– Daniela Pilic – Sweden

One of the best photographers of all. Has the gift to capture the very best in every moment and every photo. – Madde Svärd – Sweden

Henrik is a total professional that will give you the kind of results you are looking for. – Evan Sheeley – Q 5

Simply great !!! Not only are the photos pristine but the energy that is captured is just amazing. I would have to say one of the premiere photographer’s in all of Europe!! Keep up the great work.– BJ Zampa – House Of Lords

Henrik has been doing great work for many years. I’m happy and proud to know him.– Bob Harris – Singer – AXE